Student Teleconferences Launched

Mar 1, 2021 | News

On February 26, AEU Club launched a new project of student teleconferences to teach young scientists to design wastewater treatment facilities for agricultural areas. Young students of ecology, soil and biological sciences from ASEAN countries and Russia will study in an intensive specialty course. They choose unique natural objects in their countries and carry out the research on how to change and improve the ecology of their object with the help of advanced technologies. 

The format of teleconferences allows students, scientists and experts from different countries to discuss problems, conduct scientific discussions and exchange experiences and information on best practices, regardless of distance between them, saving their time and money on travel, which is especially important for developing agricultural countries.

This project has been initiated by Russia and Vietnam under the aegis of national Ministries and ASEAN.

In the course of the opening conference, the teams of brilliant young scientists from Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, and Vietnam met each other and presented the water bodies in their countries, which they had chosen for the research. They also got to know internationally-recognized experts, who will teach and help them during the project.

The conference marked the beginning of the first stage of the teams’ research, at which they will gather necessary scientific data about their object. At the second stage, which will start in April, the teams will carry out a research that is more thorough, make necessary calculations and engineer a wastewater treatment facility at their object.

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