Offline Workshop in Bali: Molecular Biology Seminar

Apr 28, 2022 | News

On April 15, a molecular biology seminar was held jointly with Udayana University for students from ASEAN member countries.

The main purpose of the seminar is to teach how to work with modern molecular biological equipment, which will allow to master accurate methods for detecting pathogenic microorganisms and determining the structure of the microbial community in the future.

The tasks that we set: to show and teach students to extract DNA, perform a polymerase chain reaction (PRC) and perform further analysis of the data obtained. The opening of the seminar began with a small lecture by the AEU Club Head of Research Department Sergey Kharitonov, at which he told the students in detail about the structure and structure of DNA, how to isolate it and why it is important.

The first task in the practical part was to extract DNA. The students saw the entire selection process with detailed comments on each stage by the staff Udayana University and Sergey. After that, PCR was performed using previously extracted DNA.

Electrophoresis was used to control the results of the analyses. The participants of the seminar mastered working with automatic pipettes, after that, those who wanted to independently, under the careful supervision of Sergey, transferred the material from the tube to the electrophoresis gel.

As a result of the seminar, young colleagues received all the necessary skills and information to conduct independent experiments in laboratories at their universities.

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