New Joint Project within ASEAN-Russia Cooperation

In March 2020, the Russia-ASEAN Joint Committee on Cooperation approved a new project in the framework of cooperation between Russia and ASEAN countries: “Design and Development of ASEAN – Russia Interactive Communications Network for the Exchange of Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Agricultural Development”.

The project was initiated by Moscow State University (MSU, Russia) and Vietnam National University of Science (VNU), but other universities from ASEAN countries also take an active part in the project. Coordinators of the projects are Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Socialistic Republic of Vietnam.

The project is designed for 2 years. At the moment, the technical preparation of universities is underway to create a common network. In 2021, thematic teleconferences will start between ASEAN universities and Russia.

This project is an extension and development of the previous joint Russia – ASEAN project “Scientific and technical cooperation Russia – ASEAN on the development and application of innovative farming technologies in order to increase the sustainability of agro-ecological systems” (AGF/ARD/16/003/REG), which was successfully completed in 2019. As a result of this project, an international team of scientists was formed, united by the desire to implement innovative environmentally friendly technologies in agriculture of the ASEAN countries and Russia.

The experience of the previous project has shown the effectiveness of knowledge exchange through modern communication means. Currently, this has become especially important in the situation of the spread of the virus, the closure of borders and the total lockdown.

The format of teleconferences allows students, scientists and experts from different countries to discuss problems, conduct scientific discussions and exchange experiences and information on best practices, regardless of distance between them, saving their time and money on travel, which is especially important for developing agricultural countries.

It is obvious that in the modern world, the development of all spheres of life is directly related to the use of information technologies, including the development of agriculture. Accelerating the implementation of information technology in the agricultural sector is critical today. The creation of online platforms for the dissemination of knowledge is becoming a global trend due to the development of information technologies, the growth of data transfer rates and an ever-increasing share of the population using the Internet.

The project will work out not only the topics of innovative technologies for sustainable agricultural development, but also will use modern methods of communication and training.

The created telecommunication platform differs from most systems for the dissemination of knowledge via the Internet in that it will create not a unidirectional flow of knowledge from any source, but an interactive network of experts and students who, regularly analyzing new publications on innovative technologies, will adapt and promote agricultural innovations in their region.

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