Ida Ayu Putri Darmawati

Ida Ayu Putri Darmawati graduated from Udayana University, Indonesia (1995), while a Master’s degree (2003) at Gadjah Mada University and Doctoral Degree (2019) was obtained from Udayana University, Indonesia. Academic experience teaching at undergraduate level in Plant Breeding. Her areas of expertise are Tissue Culture and Biotechnology, especially orchid tissue culture. Scientific research that has been carried out is exploration of Bali’s native orchids, conservation of native orchids in vitro, orchid Hybridization and orchid transgenics. Some research results have been published in Scopus indexed International Journal and SINTA indexed Journal. The title of article: In Vitro Germination and Its Subsequent Growth of An Orchid of Vanda tricolor Lindl. var. suavis from Bali on Complex Additives-Enriched Medium (Agrivita (International Journal, indexed by Scopus). The diversity of wild Dendrobium (Orchidaceae) in Central Bali, Indonesia (BIODIVERSITAS) and Analysis on Relationship Among Dendrobium spp Bali Based on Characteristics of Leaves Anatomy (IJBB, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOSCIENCE AND BIOTECHNOLOGY). An additional task at the Udayana University Faculty of Agriculture is as head of the Plant Breeding and Seed Technology Laboratory starting from December 26, 2019 – March 27, 2022.

Field of interest:

  • Conservation of native orchids in vitro
  • Orchids hibrydization
  • Biotechnology
Professor, PhD

Professor, PhD

Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Agriculture in Udayana University

Bali, Indonesia