Closed-Cycle Aquaculture Workshop

Mar 25, 2022 | News

On March 19, AEU Club held its second Workshop, which was dedicated to the advantages of Closed-Cycle Aquculture technologies. Experts discussed the ways these technologies can enhance production and variety of food produced on farms in ASEAN countries, help tackle pollution of waterbodies, improve economic and ecological efficiency of businesses. Closed-Cycle Aquaculture proved to be a smart and sustainable solution that is not only effective in business terms but also underpins future economic and social development of the region due to its potential as tourist attraction. AEU Club presented the services it can provide, including greenfield construction and design of Closed-Cycle Aquaculture, supplies of highly-effective aquaculture feed (Artemia, biofloc), and develop complex solutions for businesses in the region.
Workshop showed a keen interest of scientists and business representatives from ASEAN to this theme. In the course of discussions, farmers from Indonesia and Vietnam shared their views on the state of affairs in the sector in their countries. Most attention was paid to technical solutions, which enable controlling the quality of water in closed-cycle facilities, since it directly influences the quality and volume of products. The Vietnamese colleagues told the participants about the solutions, which are popular in their country.
AEU Club specialists in their speeches also touched upon the themes of management and business strategy of closed-cycle facilities.

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