Yuliya Kupriyanova

Scientific interests: global warming, carbon dioxide fluxes, carbon balance in natural and disturbed ecosystems, microbiological activity in soils, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), microbial biomass, biodegradation of soil organic matter, natural and anthropogenic disturbances of ecosystems, industrial pollution, environmental impact assessment, environmental expertise, environmental monitoring, geobotany, ultramicrotomy.

Yuliya Kupriyanova obtained the master’s degree in Lomonosov Moscow State University on Ecology and Environmental Management with the major in management of Land Resources and Biological Control of Environment. For the last three years she has been working for the PhD degree in soil sciences, devoted to the problem of estimation of carbon dioxide emission by soils in natural ecosystems in coniferous- deciduous forests. She is a participant of several scientific projects related to the remediation of heavy metals in polluted soils of the Kola subarctic. She is a frequent invited expert of vegetation to cover ecological monitoring in the mountain tourist center adjacent to the Caucasus Nature Reserve. Currently, she is engaged in the laboratory of Electronic Microscopy as a scientific engineer preparing biological ultrathin sections for transmission and scanning by electron microscope.

Core Competencies

  • Organization of long-term monitoring of carbon dioxide emissions by soils in natural and anthropogenic disturbed ecosystems in a different climatic zones
  • Assessment of organic matter biodegradation as criterion of soil ecological quality
  • Selection and optimization the methods of complex study of soil and vegetation cover in specially protected reserves that have been subjected to landscape-destructive, parametric and emission anthropogenic impacts
Scientific Engineer

Scientific Engineer

Lomonosov Moscow State University