Vietnam Enhances Ecological Standards

Nov 17, 2020 | News

In September, Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen Xuan Phuc approved a national program on supporting companies to improve their productivity and quality of products. The program aims to help businesses to adopt standards, technical regulations, advanced management systems and tools to enhance productivity and quality of products and commodities, contributing to increasing the national total factor productivity (TFP) and competitiveness of the economy.

Among other measures, Vietnam plans to increase the number of certificates for ISO 14001 environmental management system granted to businesses. This means that the state is eager to develop its economy in a sustainable manner and understands that genuine technological progress cannot be made without thorough ecological assessments.

AEU Club experts believe that this program will raise even more interest among Vietnamese businesses towards environmentally friendly technologies and means to decrease the impact on the environment. Such technologies could be Constructed Wetlands, which treat water in a harmless way; lignohumates, which are a sustainable alternative to fertilizers; construction of fish farms with closed cycle; soil reclamation; and general integrated environmental monitoring. AEU Club is looking forward to working with partners in Vietnam for the benefit of environment.

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