New joint project of Moscow State University and Udayana University

In the framework of the development of the Russia-ASEAN Dialog Partnership, at the end of 2019, the Russia-ASEAN Joint Committee on Cooperation approved the new project “Development, production, adaptation and distribution of innovative interactive course of video- films on the use of the newest technologies in wastewater treatment and water management of agricultural regions for students and professionals of the ASEAN member states”.

The project was initiated by Moscow State University and Udayana University (Indonesia), but other universities from ASEAN countries also participate in the project. The project is designed for 2.5 years and starts from the beginning of 2020.

The aim of the project is to popularize modern environmentally friendly and cost-effective water purification systems through the creation of educational films for students and specialists of ASEAN countries and its distribution through ASEAN universities.

In ASEAN (with the exception of Singapore), more than 70 % of untreated wastewater flows into surface and underground sources. The construction of modern biological wastewater treatment plants is the only solution to a steadily increasing environmental problem. The main technology that is most adapted to agricultural regions is water purification technology using phyto-purification systems (Constructed Wetlands, Treatment Wetlands), which differ in minimal energy, financial and labor costs for operation and are most effective in regions with a warm climate. 

To visualize learning tasks two universities (Lomonosov Moscow State University and Udayana University, Indonesia) offered to create interactive training films with methodological manuals combined into a single Program (for university students and specialists undergoing retraining). The theoretical basis of this program is the research of Russian scientists. It was identified that the technology that is most adapted to tropical agricultural regions is water treatment using phyto-purification systems (Constructed Wetlands, Treatment Wetlands).

All ASEAN member states face the problem of lack of clean water for domestic needs, irrigation, fish farming, and industry. The level of development of water purification technologies is significantly different in these countries with the most developed water purification technology in Singapore. In ASEAN member states, the first phyto-purification systems are just beginning to appear (Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore). 

The program will make it possible to extend the first experience of creating such facilities to all ASEAN member states. The program will be the basis of training in the design and maintenance of new treatment facilities for agricultural regions. 

The program will be distributed primarily through a network of universities.

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