Frank van Dien

Graduated in the combination of ground works, water works and road building, Frank van Dien became a specialist in wastewater treatment with Constructed Wetlands a.k.a. Treatment Wetlands. With his over 27 years of experience, he designed more than 650 projects on several continents. In his own country he is active in the actual building of these systems, with his own team. Abroad his main engagement is in consulting and designing, sometimes followed by supervising. With his close relations in the scientific world, he supported many MSc students and also co-mentored a PhD student in his topic. He participated in over a dozen publications in peer reviewed scientific journals and international conferences and has written two books on Constructed Wetland building. He has also been a guest lecturer at several universities.

Core competencies, waste water treatment related:

  • analyses of waste water problems
  • 3D thinking towards the solutions
  • communications between parties 

Fields of interest:

  • healthy environment
  • circular economy
  • resilience in building
  • “We borrow this world from our children”
Dr. of Biological Science, PhD

Dr. of Biological Science, PhD

A specialist in wastewater treatment

ECOFYT, Nederlands