Danil Ilyasov

Scientific interests: global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, peatlands, Carbone dioxide and methane emissions from peatlands, Carbone balance of natural and disturbed peatlands, GIS mapping of wetlands, modelling of carbon-related processes

Danil Ilyasov received a diploma in ecology in 2014 at the Moscow State University. In the last few years, he was working on his PhD thesis in biological sciences, devoted to the current state of anthropogenically disturbed peat bogs and aspects of their restoration. The work was carried out as part of the UNDP project and supported by a scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation. In 2019, he successfully got the PhD degree in biological sciences. Currently, Danil continues to study the role of natural wetland ecosystems in the carbon balance and its change as a result of anthropogenic activity through mathematical modelling of this processes.

Core Competencies

  • selection and optimization of methods for the comprehensive study of the carbon balance of natural and man-made disturbed wetland ecosystems
  • assessment of possible ways and effectiveness of restoration of anthropogenically disturbed ecosystems in terms of their carbon balance
  • creation of geographic information systems (GIS) and databases of spatially distributed characteristics of natural objects (swamps, peatlands, forests, etc.)
  • basic mathematical modelling of the behaviour and state of ecological systems in a natural state and under the condition of anthropogenic load.
Junior Researcher, PhD in Biology

Junior Researcher, PhD in Biology

Researcher in the laboratory of forest Thelmathology and melioration, Institute of Forest Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences