Angelika Astaykina

Graduated soil sciences and law departments of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Angelika is the lead expert in pesticides environmental risk assessment. Her major scholarly contributions include publications of 5 refereed international journal papers. She has own science project supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research called “Alterations in gut wall-associated microorganisms of earthworm as a marker of pesticide toxicity”. Her PhD thesis deals with environmental risk assessment of pesticides in non-target organisms. She implements mathematical models such as PEARL and SWASH to predict the pesticide concentrations in soils and water. Angelika is SETAC RLB Student advisory council leader.


  • Environmental Monitoring and Modeling 
  • Pesticide risk assessment
  • Gut wall-associated microorganisms, 
  • Mathematical models to predict pesticides concentrations
  • Pesticides impact on environment
Researcher, PhD

Researcher, PhD

Researcher in Soil Sciences Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University

Moscow, Russia