AEU Club Creative Director Nataliya Shchegolkova Delivers Presentation at Udayana University

Sep 13, 2021 | News

On September 10, 2021, Creative Director of AEU Club Dr Nataliya Shchegolkova participated in International Community Service with theme “The Role of Organic Agriculture in Lake Management and Conservation in the Pandemic Era”, which was organized by the Faculty of Agriculture of Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia. In the course of the event, experts from Indonesia, Russia, Philippines, Vietnam spoke about different aspects of organic agriculture, lake water treatment, ecological problems, and fighting against pollution.

Dr Shchegolkova delivered a profound speech on Environmental Monitoring for the Implementation of Organic Farming Technologies in the Lake Landscape. She told the audience that at the beginning of any analysis it is necessary to create an effective Geographic Information System, which will help to monitor the ecological situation in a particular area. Then, Dr Shchegolkova dived depper in the theme of diffuse pollution, its sources and their typology, and spoke about the ways to calculate diffuse runoff. Another important point was that analyzing bottom sediments with molecular monitoring techniques makes it possible to effectively treat pollution.

Dr Shchegolkova also talked about AEU Club and how it emerged from the cooperation among Russian and Indonesian scietists. Now, the Club unites experts and specialists from numerous scientific field, who possess all the necessary academic and practical background to carry out environmental projects, including those aimed at treating lakes and any waterbodies to make them fit for organic agriculture. Moreover, AEU Club has the proficiency in monitoring of different kinds, including molecular biological and carbon balance monitoring; GIS creation; and environmental consulting.



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