AEU Club is happy to announce the Season 23/24 of an international educational game project It’sOnYou.

The game focuses on solving extreme challenges related to disasters (natural or man-made) that have a significant impact on the environment, people, and agriculture.

Participants will engage in tasks related to managing and mitigating the effects of such catastrophes demonstrating, using the example of a model landscape, the professional application of modern technologies in the field of wastewater and surface water treatment, soils, landscape reclamation, localization of pollutants and protection of living organisms.

Each team, within a given timeframe, must understand and assess the course and consequences of a catastrophic situation, devise a solution to minimize the impact, and develop measures for long-term and short-term mitigation of the aftermath. The game focuses on strategic thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills in the context of disaster management.

A professional jury evaluates the results and determines the winner team, who receives prizes.

The games will take part in the perion from November’23 till August’24. Please contact us to get more information or participate the game

The Promo season ended in April’23 and our winers are Hiraya (MMSU), C3 (VNU-HUS), Yumeria (UNUD). You can find more information about the Promo season here.