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Scientists from ASEAN countries visit Moscow

On December 3-8, 2018, a delegation of experts from universities in ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia) visited the Moscow State University. The meeting was conducted in the framework of the Russia-ASEAN project “Research and Development Cooperation Russia-ASEAN on development and implementation of innovative agricultural technologies to increase sustainability of agro-ecological systems”. 

The meeting was aimed at discussing the results and strategic directions of cooperation among the MSU and universities in ASEAN in the field of application of the latest technologies in agriculture and wastewater treatment. Besides, colleagues from ASEAN had a chance to go for a sight-seeing tour in Moscow.

During the visit, Russian experts and their ASEAN counterparts discussed their mutual projects, new ways of extending their cooperation. They also discussed possible ways of GIS promotion and defined that some ideas of GIS development must be shown clearer : by case studying. It was decided that an educational film about GIS and its implementation would be fruitful for the project and it would allow to clarify some issues for officials who are interested in using GIS. The participants also discussed the future seminar that was planned for April in Udayana University in Bali.

The experts also reviewed past joint articles in scientific journals and discussed future ones.

The meeting was a good opportunity to suggest intensifying cooperation with Cambodian university, which earlier had not participated regularly. Thus, the event has given a strong impetus to truly international cooperation among the universities.

Source: Moscow State University


03 - 08 Dec 2018


Moscow State University
Moscow, Russia