Training Course on the Detection of Pathogens

The spread of various infections and viruses is a real problem for modern megacities in different parts of the world. Modern molecular biological approaches make it possible to quickly and accurately assess the number of pathogenic organisms in a wide variety of natural and anthropogenic environments.

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To train future specialists in the field of detection of pathogenic microorganisms and viruses, we have organized an international training program, which will help students from different countries acquire the skills to isolate DNA from various environments, perform PCR and PCR in real time, and analyze the results.

We hope that a new generation of specialists, possessing modern detection methods, will help in the future to quickly respond to new emerging pathogens and prevent possible epidemics.

Joint ASEAN-Russia project:

“Adaptation and Implementation of the Modern Molecular Biology Technologies in the agriculture and Wastewater Treatment of ASEAN countries and Russia”

Project Management

Yuliya Kupriyanova

Sergey Kharitonov

Coordinator of the project

Suraj Pradhan

Coordinator of the project

Video Lectures & Seminars

On March 24, AEU Club has successfully launched its new project – a Training Course on the Detection of Pathogen to train future specialists in the field of detection of pathogenic microorganisms and viruses in agricultural and and municipal wastewater. The speaker was Research associate at the Faculty of Soil Science of the Moscow State University and molecular biologist Sergey Kharitonov, who is also the Head of Molecular Biology at AEU Club.

On April 4, AEU Club successfully held the second webinar of the Training Course on the Detection of Pathogen. Sergey Kharitonov spoke about bacteria and the ways one can extract and process their DNA.

The lesson focused on basic Molecular Biology principles to extract DNA. The students put new skills into practice and extracted DNA from strawberry. Even though this method is not used in laboratory research, it comprises all the necessary steps to successful extraction of DNA from any object: soil microorganisms or human tissues. Soon, the students will recieve all the necessary equipment and reagents to proceed to real laboratory research!