Greenfield Projects

Our experts make the most of Nature and technologize natural processes to meet your needs.

What project do you need?

Wastewater Treatment

Water resource shortage usually results from the pollution of natural waters. This problem can be solved by wastewater treatment facilities which are widely used in developed countries not only to treat wastewater but also to obtain ecologically useful products (fertilizers) or renewable energy. As we have extensive expertise in implementing various technological schemes, we can develop for you the most effective scheme of wastewater utilization and also assist with the design and construction of necessary facilities.

Land Use Planning

Land use planning is an important sphere of human activity. Its main aim is to find a way how to organize space in order to correspond all requirements of officials, society, business.

Eco-friendly and Efficient Agrotechnologies

An increase in productivity is possible without the use of chemical plant protection products and mineral fertilizers, but due to the stimulation of the microbiological community of soils.

Environmental Monitoring Systems

To decide to improve the environmental status of your area, you need a comprehensive assessment of the environmental situation.


There are two types of aquaculture cultivation: extensive and intensive.

Crop Selection and Implementation

All agricultural crops that you use may have a more productive variety bred by geneticists.