New Webinars on Molecular Biology Launched

Mar 29, 2021 | News

AEU Club has successfully launched its new project – a Training Course on the Detection of Pathogen. To train future specialists in the field of detection of pathogenic microorganisms and viruses in agricultural and and municipal wastewater, we have organized an international training program, which will help students from different countries acquire the skills to isolate DNA from various environments, analyze the results of Real-time PCR and 16s rRNA sequencing. Firstly, the students attend a series of webinars on molecular biology. And secondly, Russian specialists will visit the students in ASEAN countries and teach them practical application of the technologies covered.

On March 24, there was the first such webinar on Detection of Pathogens. The speaker was Research associate at the Faculty of Soil Science of the Moscow State University and molecular biologist Sergey Kharitonov, who is also the Head of Molecular Biology at AEU Club. In the course of his presentation, Mr Kharitonov explained possible sources of infections and the trajectories of their spread, as well as outlined the most widespread approaches to treating and disinfecting wastewater.

The next part of the presentation was practical, and the speaker talked about microbiological methods to detect and study pathogens in a laboratory. This process includes DNA extraction and sequencing – the technologies, which require a high level of training and experience.

Mr Kharitonov will hold two more seminars, during which he will elaborate particular technologies. 

We hope that a new generation of specialists, possessing modern detection methods, will help in the future to quickly respond to new emerging pathogens and prevent possible epidemics.

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